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About Us

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Supreme Leader Indigenous People of Biafra

Nnamdi Kanu

Nwannekaenyi "Nnamdi" Kenny Okwu Kanu is a British-Nigerian political activist. He is a leading member of one of several Biafran separatist organisations, the Indigenous People of Biafra, which advocates a sovereign state for the easthern region of Nigeria... Learn More »

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Land of Biafra

Biafra is a tropical and coastal region in the south eastern area of West Africa between Nigeria and Southern Cameroons. It is a land endowed with rolling hills in its continental regions, fertile marsh in its coastal regions, and lush forests throughout.

Biafran Jews

Biafran Jewish Worshippers

Our Jewish Heritage

Culturally, Biafrans are Jews. With the advent of colonialism under the British, many were shamed into converting to Christianity, but many of the Jedeo cultural roots remain. Learn More »

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Our Objective

Our objective is to restore our precolonial independence and the sovereign state we declared before the Biafran genocide. Thus, we will be the architect of the policies and laws that guide us and define ourselves by our worth and values; and to this end, we seek no middle ground.

Biafran National Coat of Arm

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